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August 16, 2011

Here they are my favorite band of the 70s/80s!!! 🙂

Top 10 Favorite Artists of the 70s/80s: #1: The Cure

The Cure are a very influential “goth”, new wave/post punk band. They’re known for their depressing songs and depressing image, but a lot of their songs are happy too. They have a diverse variety of musical styles, I think, personally. Some of their songs are “Just Like Heaven,” “Pictures of You”, “Boys Don’t Cry”, “Fire In Cairo”, “Disintegration” etc.

They got me into like every other 80’s band I listen to pretty much (Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Smiths,etc.)

How I got into them: I heard Just Like Heaven once and fell in love ❤

August 15, 2011

Love will tear us apart, again

Top 10 Favorite Bands/Artists of the 70s/80s | #2: Joy Division

They’re another really influential band. A post-punk band from Manchester, UK that was popular during the late 70’s. Sadly, Ian Curtis hung himself in May of 1980, so no more Joy Division. New Order was formed after that but still… :/. Some of their songs include “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” “New Dawn Fades”, “Dead Souls”, “Shadowplay” and “She’s Lost Control”

I love them soo much.

How I got into them: hmm…like most bands, I got into them through The Cure. I heard them on pandora or or whatever on my Cure station and I was like “oh my god this song is amazing”. Yep.

August 15, 2011


Top 10 Favorite Artists of the 70s/80s | 3: Sex Pistols

A lot of people say they’re posers, I know…I know…I know. But they’re one of the most influential punk bands out there…if not the most. They were more known for their rebellious attitude and what not than their actual music, but still. Even their music was influential. REALLY influential, actually. Some of their songs are “God Save The Queen”, “Anarchy In The UK,” “Holidays In The Sun”, “Pretty Vacant,” and “Problems”.

They’re one of the first punk bands I got into. I love them. Not to mention…Sid and Johnny (especially Johnny) were/are really hot and cute.

How I got into them: I honestly don’t remember. The first song I’ve heard was “Anarchy In The UK” I think…I just became obsessed with them over a period of time…but I pretty much always knew who they were and had some appreciation for them…

August 11, 2011

"To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die" - ~*~so original~*~

Top 10 Favorite Artists of the 70s/80s | #4: The Smiths

The Smiths are an influential British “indie” band from the 80’s led by Morrissey. They have a lot of “depressing” lyrics. A lot of post-punk fans like them as well for some reason. Some of their songs include “How Soon is Now?”, “Ask”, “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”, “Half A Person,” and “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”.

The Smiths are great okay? I like them a lot…even if Morrissey could be annoying sometimes (he’s sort of racist, not just a vegetarian but against anyone who eats meat pretty much, a bit of a hipster, hates Robert Smith aka lead singer of the cure which is a band i like even better than the smiths etc. etc.)

August 8, 2011

Bowie. Bowie. Bowie. Bowie

Top 10 Favorite Artists of the 70s/80s| #5: David Bowie.

He’s pretty cool. Weird but cool. He influenced a lot of my favorite bands…actually all of them, pretty much. Some of his songs include “Moonage Daydream,” “Ziggy Stardust”, “Rebel Rebel,” “Space Oddity,” “Ashes to Ashes,” etc. etc.


How I got into them: …I actually don’t even know. I’ve always known who he was pretty much.

August 7, 2011


New Order!

Top 10 Favorite Artists of the 70s/80s | #6: New Order

They’re a post-punk/synth-pop band – mostly from the 80’s. They also could be known as Joy Division without Ian Curtis…oh and with Gillian Gilbert there too. Some of their songs include “Ceremony,” “Age of Consent,” “Bizarre Love Triangle,” “Temptation,” “Blue Monday,” etc. etc.

I really like them. Although I like Joy Division…just a little bit better, New Order are still one of my favorite bands.

How I first got into them: Well I got into them through Joy Division…obviously.

August 7, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Bands of the 70s/80s | #7: Dead Kennedys

They’re a punk band from the 80’s. Their lyrics were often very political and stuff. Some of their songs include “Holiday In Cambodia”, “California Uber Alles”, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”, “Kill The Poor,” and “Lets Lynch The Landlord” etc.,”””” etc. etc

Dead Kennedys1!!!!1

They’re actually one of my favorite punk bands if not my number one favorite…a lot of people don’t like them. Like, one of my friends absolutely hates them. He even thinks their music and lyrics are good. He just really hates Jello Biafra’s voice…but yea…


How I got into them: Well, I got into The Sex Pistols and punk and stuff…and I started listening to them. Yeeupppppppppppppppp.

August 6, 2011

The Slits

The Slits


Top 10 Favorite Bands of the 70s/80s | #8: The Slits

The Slits are an all female punk band led by Ari Up AKA Johnny Rotten’s stepdaughter pretty much. Although they are mostly considered a punk band, they pretty much have a variety of musical styles…in my opinion…Some of their songs include “Typical Girls”, “Love Und Romance”, “Number One Enemy”, “Ping Pong Affair”, “New Town,” etc. etc.

How I got into them/heard of them: The first song I heard from them was probably “Ping Pong Affair”. I really Iiked riot grrrl, so I eventually heard of them through liking bands like Bikini Kill, L7, Babes in Toyland, Hole, Bratmobile, etc.




August 6, 2011





Top 10 Favorite Bands of the 70s/80s | #9: Public Image Limited

This was John Lydon’s band…or should I say company…after The Sex Pistols. They’re still doing stuff. Yep. Some of their songs include “Religion”, “This Is Not A Love Song”, “Rise”, “Flowers of Romance”, “Poptones”, etc. etc.

I love John Lydon soo much….despite the fact that he’d probably hate me (I mean, EVERYONE hates me…why wouldn’t he? Well, then again…).

How I first heard of them: Well, I really like The Sex Pistols…or just Johnny in general…so yeah…I looked them up on youtube. ~*~ SO PUNK~*~



August 6, 2011

\Siouxsie Sioux


Top 10 Favorite Artists of the 70s/80s | #10: Siouxsie and the Banshees

They’re a 80’s post-punk band from the UK. Some of their  songs include “Cities In Dust”, “Kiss Them For Me”, “Dear Prudence”, “Hong Kong Garden” and “Jigsaw Feeling”.

I love their music! … Not to mention I love Siouxsie’s make up. She’s really cool.

How I got into them: I don’t know…I LOVE The Cure. Some how, through my love for The Cure, I found out about them. Like, I think, on internet radio or something, to be honest. I don’t even know.

Also –  you’re going to make fun of me but for some reason I thought her name was pronounced Sushi instead of like Suzy. I don’t know…I’m weird…