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August 3, 2011

Lady Gaga.

I don’t really like her. To be honest, she seems a bit…well, fake, to me. I have to admit though, I like her A LOT better than Katy Perry.

Why do I think she’s fake? Well, she just wants money and fame. That’s all she cares about. I know what you’re going to say… “That’s all anyone cares about”…that might be true, but Lady Gaga’s a little too…I don’t know…she seems a little too desperate for it, I guess? She seems like she wants everyone to like her. She seems to want that so bad that she pretends to be someone she’s not. I mean, she goes around dressing up in weird costumes and what not…like meat dresses, eggs, paper mache clothing, etc. which believe me I’m all for. It’s good to embrace your weird-ness! But I don’t know…she was a popular girl in school…I’ve seen pictures of her from when she was younger…she has the same face and everything…but get this……….she wore Abercrombie, yes…Abercrombie. Still think she’s weird? Also, she goes around preaching abstinence which kind of pisses me off…mostly because her lyrics are far from abstinent. She writes anti-christian lyrics and yet preaches christianity. What the fuck? She’s basically just one big contradiction in my opinion.


I don’t like those catchy pop songs she makes…

Even though I say all this, I do admit…she’s a lot more talented than most pop stars. She’s a lot more talented than the musicians or noise specialists or whatever you want to call them that I listen to even.