Top 10 Favorite Bands of the 70s/80s | #7: Dead Kennedys

They’re a punk band from the 80’s. Their lyrics were often very political and stuff. Some of their songs include “Holiday In Cambodia”, “California Uber Alles”, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”, “Kill The Poor,” and “Lets Lynch The Landlord” etc.,”””” etc. etc

Dead Kennedys1!!!!1

They’re actually one of my favorite punk bands if not my number one favorite…a lot of people don’t like them. Like, one of my friends absolutely hates them. He even thinks their music and lyrics are good. He just really hates Jello Biafra’s voice…but yea…


How I got into them: Well, I got into The Sex Pistols and punk and stuff…and I started listening to them. Yeeupppppppppppppppp.


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