Smashing Pumpkins <3

the most beautiful band to ever exist.

I love this band with all of my heart ❤

I want to see Billy again. SO badly. I mean, I saw him once but I never got to meet him or anything…which is sad. It almost makes me want to cry. Anyway, this band is beyond amazing. The whole band. Not just Billy.

My friend and sister are actually going to meet Cody Simpson or whatever soon… I think. He’s basically a Justin Bieber-wannabe, I guess? I don’t know…I don’t hate him or anything though. But I don’t love him like they do…

Anyway, I’d love to see Billy in concert again and actually get to like meet him.

It would be even better if I was alive during the Gish era (I’m 16, clumsy, and shy…I was born in ’94, the year that (most) good music died). Billy was so cute back then!~ Not that he isn’t now…he still is. But yeah…




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